● Remember to bring your all-important bib to the race. The timing tag is attached to your bib. Do not bend your bib in any way or it will damage the timing tag.
● Mind your neighbour. Please don't jostle or shove.
● Follow the course. Always!! Any deviation could result in your timing not getting recorded or worse, you getting disqualified.
● Please ensure you cross the timing mats wherever present. Not crossing the timing mat may result in your timing not being recorded.
● Drink fluids. We've provided water stations along the course. Please use them. In case you need help, there are volunteers and race marshals along the route.
● There will be toilets on the course. Out of respect for the local residents and businesses we would ask you to use these and not a handy bush or tree.
● We accept that you need to discard water bottles and paper cups. In consideration for the safety of your fellow runners, use the Waste Disposal Containers provided at the Aid Stations for the used cups or other waste. Try not to litter the road. Do not waste water & other fluids.
● Slow runners beyond the cut off times need to exercise extra caution. They can avail the sweep vehicle which is following the slow runners to reach the finish point. The organizers of RBR 2017 will not be responsible for safety, if the slow runners do not adhere the guidelines and precautions.

Medical Information

The large team of doctors, health functionaries and other health professionals from Hospitals provide medical support for the Bhopal Runners Half Marathon. Medical staff will be available at 21K on-course locations (as per plan). Medical Stations can be identified by the signage's with the Red Cross symbol and will be at the beginning of an Aid Station. Each tent is equipped with a team of certified medical personnel's, adequate emergency and first aid supplies. Ambulances will be available at strategic locations.
At T.T.Nagar Stadium, after the Finish Area, the Main Medical Tent is located beyond the finish line within the stadium premises. An additional medical observation desk is located right after the Finish Line. There will also be a physio area in the finish area, where trained professionals will help you with stretching and massages if needed. For the safety of all participants, only those requiring medical assistance will be allowed access into the medical tents.

Health Assistance

In the event a participant is transported to a local area hospital at the discretion of the medical team, our staff will be on hand in the T.T.Nagar Stadium, to provide information regarding that patient to family and friends. Patient Connection staff can be found at the medical Information tent at the Finish Area as well as at the Stadium Medical Tent waiting area.