Stylathon 2017

Stylathon 9th July 2017


Style yourself to beautiful and cheerful you with this pledge, Run Bhopal Run & the supporters marched together. In this era, where junk food prevails over healthy & nutritious food, obesity makes space in our lives, which becomes a major obstacle to exercise, particularly high-intensity workouts such as running. The aim being to promote a healthy lifestyle which not necessarily means size zero.


The event held at the MP’s 1st Reader’s Park ,witnessed the presence of many eminent personalities like Mr Manohar Agnani, commissioner, Sagar division, Reena Raju who is prominently known as lady with an Angel’s heart as her life was saved and elongated by an angel’s heart, Nishant Warwade, Collector, Indore.


During the program, Reena Raju mesmerized everyone with her singing and shared the inspirational story giving all credits to the angel who gifted her life followed by that Mr Manohar Agnani share his insights and also the reason behind the title “true selfish” which he gave to Reena Raju in the article that was published in the magazine and also encouraged everyone to create an eternal property by gifting lives to others rather than the material possessions and treasures which fades as the time passes by.


After this, the 2nd edition of the Bhopal Runners magazine was launched by the guests and the editorial team. The breakfast was the icing on the cake which was prepared by the students of the Divy Society, the organization working for the empowerment of the specially abled and was concluded with the run.